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Our customers - their stories

At Danfilter, we want happy customers - in fact, we like it so much that we have compiled an overview of some customer cases that we’re proud of. Read below and learn more about what we can do for your business.

Through these customer cases, we want to show how we can create the best solutions for a healthy indoor environment in all buildings. 

We are always ready to help; whether you need an unusually-sized filter, or something specific. We want to try to help share these stories with others. 

If you have suggestions or anything else that might help us, please feel free to share your thoughts with us. We want to provide the best service for our customers, and we can always be contacted.

We have worked with Danfilter for many years and I appreciate that they are always capable of delivering quality filters for all systems and models. The advantage of trading directly with the manufacturer is that - among other things - they always have the products in stock, or can quickly deliver it. It saves me a lot of time and hassle knowing that we can get the right filters at a good price. - Niels Duhn, Valby  

Andre brancher

Other industries

It's great to trade with professionals like Danfilter

"As a Nilan specialist, we primarily serve customers with Nilan ventilation systems, but we do not always know what is behind the door when the customer opens it," says electrical installer Niels Duhn.

“If we bought from 5-8 different manufacturers, it would be much harder, more expensive, and not with the same level of service. At Danfilter, they have the entire range in stock and ready for delivery."

“In my company we know that time costs money, which is why it’s always a pleasure to drop in to Danfilter - when we make an appointment, we keep it”, concludes Niels Duhn.

Niels Duhn, Electrical Engineer

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Residential housing associations 

Among Danfilter’s corporate customers, one can find many housing and cooperative associations, as we help them save time and money on their ventilation systems.

At Danfilter, we produce filters for most of the ventilation systems that exist on the Danish market, and housing association and cooperatives can buy all the filters that are needed from us, no matter what facility manufacturers they have. So, you do not have to buy directly from the various manufacturers.

Depending on which and how many filters your housing association needs, we can get a quote for you.

If you have special requests for delivery, we can find the best solution for you, together.

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industri og produktion

Manufacturing and production

To date, we work with a variety of manufacturing and production businesses. 

Among others, we have worked with companies in the field of car refinishing, where we have - together with the customer - developed various deals to suit them. Within car refinishing, bag and floor filters are often sought after, which is something we can provide quickly at Danfilter.

If specific dimensions are needed, Danfilter can handle this too, as we can make filters according to your exact wishes.

If you have a special wish for the delivery of your order, we can also work together to find the best solution for both parties.

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Government, county and municipality

Danfilter has collaborated with many different municipalities over the years.

When we work with companies in this industry, they often contact us and we then send out filter experts to different premises and buildings, etc., belonging to the municipality. The filter experts measure and look at the sites and evaluate which filter will be best in this particular situation.

We then prepare a tailor-made offer for the municipality, and from there we can start production of the various filters.

We send and deliver the filters to different addresses in the municipality if desired, and keep an eye on when it is time for a filter change again. 

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stat, amt og kommune

butikker og indkøbscentre

Stores and shopping centres

At Danfilter, we also have experience with the best filter solutions for stores and shopping centres. We have customers who have worked with us for many years, as we always make it easy to shop with us. 

We can send filter experts to your store or shopping centre to assess which filters will be best for your situation.

Next, we keep an eye on when we think it's time for a filter change and remind you accordingly.

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Schools and universities

A well-filtered ventilation system is important in schools and universities for students' concentration and performance, which is why Danfilter works with a wide range of educational institutions.

We send out filter experts to evaluate the best solution for your school, to make sure we recommend the right filters. Then we can offer you a customised quote and deliver according to your wishes.

We keep an eye on when we think it's time for a filter change and remind you accordingly.

Read more about what we can do for schools and universities


skoler og universiteter

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