Bag filters


Bag filters

Bag filters, or envelope filters, are characterised by their deep pockets. The deep filter pockets work well in larger industrial and residential ventilation as the filters can collect more particles. The number of pockets and the dimensions of the filter depend on which manufacturer and model the filter fits.

At Danfilter, you can find bag filters in filter classes G3 up to F9. It is entirely up to you how high a filtration you want. For most ventilation units, the G4 standard filter class is enough to collect particles as dust.

If you want your filter to be able to collect finer particles, the filters in class F7 and F9 will be best.


HEPA filter

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Production of bag filters

Danfilter's bag filters are produced by our talented partners, whom we have taken great care in selecting, as it is important for us that we work with partners who deliver high-quality and sustainable products, like ourselves.

When we receive filters from our partners, our production team ensures that the filter meets our standard and quality requirements.

The production of a bag filter starts with the filter frame being assembled in a holder that ensures the correct size. Then, through a compressed air method, the right sizes of bags can be fixed to the frame.

The entire production takes place by hand, which helps to ensure the quality and skill of the filter.

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Sustainable workflow

Danfilter has gradually worked to become more sustainable on various fronts over many years. For us, working sustainably is a natural part of our workflow, and we are convinced that together with our customers, employees, and partners, we can shape a more sustainable future.

All frames for Danfilter's filters are made of recycled plastic, as we help reduce the large amount of plastic waste. In addition, all our filters are also made of combustible material, so you can safely throw out old filters, as the discarded filters will be converted into new energy in the form of electricity and central heating.

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